Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pat Day (cont)

Bowve arrived in Virginia later that month. He popped the collar of his pea-coat up to keep the cold wind from his ears and neck. He looked around the parking lot for his sponsor, ISC Therkildsen, and didn't see him anywhere.

'Might as well light up a smoke while I wait.' Bowve thought. As he lit his cigarette a ragged looking man came up to him.
"Excuse me sir, might I be able to get a smoke from you?" the man asked. Bowve looked him up and down, grunted and held out the pack and lighter.
"Thank you so much sir, God bless." said the man as he handed back the pack and lighter and hobbled off. Bowve grunted again and watched the man stumble down the walk way, occasionally stopping to ask people for change.

Bowve took another drag of his cigarette as he scanned the walk way, street side parking, and parking lot one more time for Chief Therkildsen. No luck. He flicked his cigarette butt into the street and walked back into the airport to warm up.

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